Galvanizing Plant Process
Black Park
  • Parking Stations
  • Hanger Traverses
  • Transfer Conveyor
  • Transfer Carrier
Surface Treatment Room
  • Closed acid chamber
  • Conveyor Transfer System
  • Chemical Tanks
  • Tank Heating (Serpentine) System
  • Waste Gas Washing System
  • Chemical Transfer Plumbing System
  • Sleeper Bearings
  • Walking Roads
  • Filling and Discharge Installation
  • Drying Conveyor Transfer
  • Drying Door (Moving)
  • Heat Generator (Chimney heat recovery)
  • Air Channels
  • Snail Fan
Galvanized Coating (Zinc)
  • Kattle (molten zinc pot)
  • Enclosure
  • Oven (Natural Gas – LPG – fuel oil)
  • Flue
Galvanized Filter System
  • Jet-pulse dust filter system
  • Passivation Tank
White Park
  • Parking Stations
  • Hanger Traverses
  • Transfer Conveyor
  • Transfer Carrier
Chemical Treatment
  • Process Treatment
  • Flux Regeneration System
  • Chemical Treatment
  • Chemical Outdoor Discharge System
Storage Tanks
Chemical Transfer Pump Station
Zinc Pump

Hot dip galvanizing plant
Physical structure of the products or products to be coated
Monthly capacity
Facility Installation area
Depending on geographical region climate characteristics,
Manual – semi-automatic – as plc controlled facility
From the black park storage area to the white park loading area, RİNK will work in line with the highest efficiency;
3 D visual presentation
Continues to support with 7/24 service.


Straight Line Process Flow

L – Line Process Flow

U – Line Process Flow