Gas washers (scrubber)

Acid vapor in the interior, acidic ventilation channels and acidic snail fan, taking into consideration the acid vapors temperatures and pH values ​​in different specifications carried in the system,
Abzorbe. Acidic vapor released in the system is released into the atmosphere as fresh air.

The indoor air quality in the facility with gas washers;

  • Personnel health
  • Working environment safety
  • Business facilities and fixtures
  • The plant (factory) extends the life and resistance to corrosion of steel constructions and roof coverings.
  • The clean air that is released to the atmosphere through the gas washing trolleys is an element of environmentalism.

As a key turn-key for the acidic gas washing facilities which the coating facilities need;
Project according to industrial air pollution control regulation
3 D offers visual presentation
It produces in its own form
Performs installation
Continues to support with 7/24 service.

100 m³ / h den 60000 m³ / h ‘e kadar kapasite