• Oil Holder
  • Coagulation tank
  • Flocculation tank
  • Neutralization tank
  • Sludge Condensation
  • Chemical Precipitation
  • Balancing Tank

It manufactures treatment tanks as prismatic – cylindrical and conical;
Steel part: designed according to the lifetime that the customer will determine depending on the tensile strength applied to the vertical and the static load in cm²
Thermoplastic material: Depending on the acid type, the values ​​of the German DIN standard chemical resistance table, concentration ratio, working temperature chart are determined.

Thermoplastic materials are imported German goods and imports are made by us.

  • Prismatic tank internal measurements (height – width and level of stone)
  • Cylindrical tank internal measurements (Ø mm – h and level of stone)
  • Acid to be used
  • The concentration of acid used
  • Tank working temperature
  • What should be the operating life
  • According to the wall thickness of the welding material in our tank manufacturing; In the case of gas-under-welded thermoplastic materials in steel; Fore boiling is applied.
  • Quality control ; Pre-filler welding leakage detection application is done, then physical filling and visual test process is performed and product delivery is performed.
  • We provide our service in the 2 days if it is outside of istanbul on the same day.